Imada CAP-DTXS-85 Digital Cap Torque Tester - 85 lbf-in capacity

Price: $ 2,126.00

Imada CAP-DTXS Cap Torque Testers
3 Ranges up to 85 lb-in
Selectable real time and peak modes

The Imada CAP-DTXS Cap Torque Testers is an easy-to-use, high-precision cap torque tester that features a large electroluminescent display that clearly indicates the real-time and peak torque. Color-coded LED indicators alert the user to Go/NoGo conditions. Orange lights indicate a value less than low setpoint, green lights between high and low, and red for over the high.

The Imada CAP-DTXS Cap Torque Testers is supplied with ZTLogger data acquisition software. It can download data from the tester memory or captures continuous data at 10 points/second. Zero the tester or capture data while at the computer. All tester programming can be set and saved from the software.

Optional Force Recorder data acquisition software is designed to process up to 2,000 data per second.

All Imada CAP-DTXS Cap Torque Testers include a 3 Point Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST. The imdada DTXS cap torque testers include AC adapter/charger and built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, 1 high standard pegs (optional long pegs and calibration kit available).


  • Test cap loosening (CCW) and tightening (CW) torque
  • Selectable real time and peak modes
  • USB, RS-232, Digimatic and Analog outputs
  • Selectable units of lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m, ozf-in, N-cm
  • 1000 data point memory capacity
  • Programmable high/low setpoints with color-coded LED indicators and audible signal
  • Overload and low battery indicators
  • 200% overload capacity
  • DTXS accommodates samples from 20 up to 160 mm (0.787" - 6.30")
  • Four rubber-coated 1 inch pegs are included with DTXS
  • Optional "Small Table" accommodates samples from 7 up to 50 mm (0.275" - 2")
  • Optional Peg sizes/material available
  • Include 3 Point Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST. ISO 17025 Calibration Certification optionally available
  • 2 Year Warranty


Unit of measurementlbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m, ozf-in, N-cm
Display update10 times/ sec
Auto Zero Reset1.0 to 60 seconds (selectable)
Sampling rate2,000 samples/second (max) thru the USB port
Safe overload ratingApprox. 200%
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 0-40 C Humidity: 20 -80%RH
OutputOutputs USB, RS-232C, Digimatic and 2 VDC analog output (D/A),Comparator 3 steps (-NG/OK/+NG), Overload alarm
Overload warningApprox.110%F.S. (Warning message and alarm )
SensitivityMax, High, Medium, Low (selectable)
External connecting switchSEND (a point of contact holding), Zero reset, Peak, ON/OFF setting
Auto Power Off5, 10, minutes or OFF (selectable)
PowerBuilt-In Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack or via AC-Adapter (100-240V AC)
Battery Lifeapprox. 8 hours (recharge time approx. 10 hours)
Battery IndicatorIndicates three charge states high, medium and low
Plug TypeUSA Blade Type (Select Euro Plug Adapter for use in 230V Countries)
WeightApprox. 10 Lbs/4.5kg (Including Standard table and Standard pins)

Torque Ranges

lbf-in15.00 (0.01 lbf-in)40.00 (0.01 lbf-in)85.0 (0.1 lbf-in)
kgf-cm20.00 (0.01 kgf-cm)50.00 (0.01 kgf-cm)100.0 (0.1 kgf-cm)
N-cm200.0 (0.1 N-cm)500.0 (0.1 N-cm)1000 (1 N-cm)
Nm2.000 (0.001 Nm)5.000 (0.001 Nm)10.000 (0.01 Nm)
ozf-in240.0 (0.1 ozf-in)640.0 (0.1 ozf-in)1360 (1 ozf-in)

Optional Small Table

Clamps diameters from 7mm ~ 50mm

Small table with standard pegsSmall table with steel pegsSmall table with long pegs

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Product Price
Imada CAP-DTXS-85 Digital Cap Torque Tester - 85 lbf-in capacity $2,126.00
Accessories Price
ISO-17025 ISO/IEC Certificate & Test Data $234.00
CB-108 Analog cable for DTXS $108.00
CB-208 RS-232 Cable for DTXS $108.00
CB-308 Digimatic Cable for DTXS $108.00
TB-P Set of four (4) 1 inch Rubber-Coated Pegs for DTXS $143.00
TB-01P Set of four (4) 1 inch Stainless Steel Pegs for DTXS $258.00
TB-02P Set of four (4) 2-3/4" Rubber-Coated Pegs for DTXS $315.00
TB-04P Set of four (4) 4 inch Rubber-Coated Pegs for DTXS $315.00
DT-ST Small Table for CAP-DTXS with 3/8 inch Rubber Coated Pegs $830.00
DT-ST-01 Small Table for CAP-DTXS with 3/8 inch Stainless Steel Pegs $830.00
DT-ST-02 Small Table for CAP-DTXS with 1-1/4 inch Rubber Coated Pegs $887.00
ADW-6010 Spare / Replacement Power Adapter for ZT / HTGS / DTXS $65.00



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